Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World's First Futuristic Solar Powered City

The world's first eco-city is being built in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), just south of Iran, and is designed to be free of gasoline-powered cars, skyscrapers and entirely powered by the sun. The city will be called Masdar and will be a zero-carbon and zero-waste city.  

Masdar will be 2.5 square miles (compared to Beverly Hills, for example, which is 5.7 square miles) and entirely surrounded by a wall. It will be home to 50,000 people, 1,000 businesses and a university. The project is being funded by the current president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa with a budget of $22 mil.


According to the project manager, the quality of the air will be superior to any street in the world.


Because of the intense heat of the desert sun, Masdar will have to maintain low temperatures.

Masdar will be similar in structure to ancient Arab cities. Streets will be very narrow so that buildings can shade each other and the walls and roofs of buildings will be covered with mesh like screens to keep the sun out and the breeze in.

Although the city will have to use some electricity for gadgets, some air conditioning and desalinating sea water, that’s about it as far as electric use goes.
Most of the city will be areas for walking, but for those who prefer to drive there will be podcars. (Cool! Podracing in the desert! Well, probably not at such high speeds). These podcars are driverless and powered by solar electricity.

So if these cars are already being developed for the future residents of Masdar, can’t we get them in the US too? I’d rather play my DS than drive on my way to work. 

I personally want these cities to be built all around the world. I for one would definitely love to live in a city like that, would there be one in the US.

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