Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pacman's visit to Saturn

A space probe sent to study Saturn exposed Pacman's last minute visit to the alien planet's moon.

The probe was measuring temperature differences across the object's surface and "produced a map that looks just like the 1980s Pac-Man video games icon," according to Scientists. 

Scientists are puzzled, (big surprise), questioning why the moon, would show such variations in temperature, explaining that perhaps some surface textures could retain heat better than others. The moon is 250 miles across and has a scar called the Herschel Crater which resembles the Death Star from Star Wars, yet another funny coincidence. 

Why can't eco-cars be sexy?

With the release of the latest electric car from Nissan, I can't help but wonder, why can't there be a good looking eco-friendly car? The newest addition to the green car market is the Nissan Leaf, coming in at $25,000. 

If you're going to dish out that much money shouldn't the car actually look somewhat decent? Who comes up with these unattractive, "you'll never get a date with that car" designs?

The Nissan Leaf just screams granny panties

And why does it seem like every eco-friendly car has a flat front like this Prius?

What was Honda thinking when  they came out with the Insight?

Toyota didn't really step up its game by releasing the Toyota Yaris, because while it may be environmentally friendly, it still looks like a big ball of fluff, in other words, not sexy.

I understand these cars have to be cheap and eco friendly at the same time, but that doesn't mean there should be less effort in designing a car that is visually pleasing.

World's First Futuristic Solar Powered City

The world's first eco-city is being built in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), just south of Iran, and is designed to be free of gasoline-powered cars, skyscrapers and entirely powered by the sun. The city will be called Masdar and will be a zero-carbon and zero-waste city.  

Masdar will be 2.5 square miles (compared to Beverly Hills, for example, which is 5.7 square miles) and entirely surrounded by a wall. It will be home to 50,000 people, 1,000 businesses and a university. The project is being funded by the current president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa with a budget of $22 mil.


According to the project manager, the quality of the air will be superior to any street in the world.


Because of the intense heat of the desert sun, Masdar will have to maintain low temperatures.

Masdar will be similar in structure to ancient Arab cities. Streets will be very narrow so that buildings can shade each other and the walls and roofs of buildings will be covered with mesh like screens to keep the sun out and the breeze in.

Although the city will have to use some electricity for gadgets, some air conditioning and desalinating sea water, that’s about it as far as electric use goes.
Most of the city will be areas for walking, but for those who prefer to drive there will be podcars. (Cool! Podracing in the desert! Well, probably not at such high speeds). These podcars are driverless and powered by solar electricity.

So if these cars are already being developed for the future residents of Masdar, can’t we get them in the US too? I’d rather play my DS than drive on my way to work. 

I personally want these cities to be built all around the world. I for one would definitely love to live in a city like that, would there be one in the US.

Pikachu takes kids to school in Japan

Schools in Japan came up with a brilliant way to combat children's fears of leaving home and going to school on their own for the first time, a happy Pikachu school bus! 

One school in Japan advertises, "Too sad to leave your mommy? Don’t worry. As soon as you see the big yellow Pikachu bus coming to pick you up, you will stop crying!" 

I actually still remember my first day of kindergarten, it was terrifying and I cried. As funny as these advertisements may be, standard yellow school buses can be intimidating when you're 6 years old. This would have definitely put a smile on my face as a kid. 

I think its safe to say this isn't just the greatest school bus in Japan, but in the world.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lego Jewelry

I am so adoring Gr0glmann on etsy.com right now. Why didn't I think of making Lego Jewelry. Cannot wait for paycheck day to splurge. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

India's freaking wall of death

India seems to always post the craziest shit on YouTube from people getting fried by electric poles to weird music videos and now there's this, the wall of death.
The Diamond Maruti Car Circus in Delhi

And here's a funny music video with subtitles of what the guys sounds like he's singing in english.   

Hey Klingons, come get your cloaking device

Researchers at the University of Utah have developed a superlens that makes light bounce off of an object and that object is canceled out, making it entirely invisible. (Light is reversed and travels backwards) Oh, is that how the Klingons did it?

Although it's cool, it would suck if you couldn't spot the cop on the side of the road when you're speeding, among other things.

The Haunted and Abandoned Pod City of San Zhi

This is officially the next best abandoned city after Chernobyl, (1986, Ukraine, severe nuclear plant explosion that sent radioactive fallout over an extensive geographical area.)

The city of San Zhi, (Sanjhih), Taiwan, was originally built as a luxury vacation retreat for the rich people of Taipei by the government.  Because the government hired architects for the site, they are all unnamed. During construction, there were numerous fatal accidents and according to rumors, this city is now haunted by those who died building it. 

The city was to consist entirely of circular, multi-colored pods stacked on top of one another. The concept behind the design was so that they could expand the buildings vertically as required, by adding more pods on top. But now that this city has been abandoned for a number of years, they are slowly completely rotting away.

Just add a million arthropod extraterrestrials and you've got a perfect set for District 9 Part 2.