Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Oh my gosh I can't believe it 

Legoland is scheduled to open in Florida on October 15th 

And I learned about it all from a soda can coupon.

I've never been to a legoland much less heard of one, but I can only imagine what this place has in store! 

Their website says "..more than 50 rides, shows and attractions geared for families with children ages 2 to 12." 

psssh, like that's accurate? Since when are only kids into legos? Am I missing something?

Here are some action shots of other legolands I found on google

How badass does this water thing, sport powered mabobber look?!
Look mommy, a lego shark! 

The only thing cooler than dinosaurs is LEGO Dinosaurs! 

Yayyyy LEGO Starwars!!! 

xbox360 wedding

So I am realizing JUST now that I never posted my wedding photos up.

You say who wants to see wedding pictures?

I say nerds!

why yes, nerds DO in fact want to see wedding pictures of an xbox 360 wedding. 

Although I was terribly sick the day of the wedding, the actual theme itself was pretty cool, I must say. 

So to start it off, we had our xbox360 wedding cake, courtesy of Cake Designs by Edda  

click "read more" to see the rest of this post AND pics!

RAGE Official Launch Party Red Carpet Event

this kid vito, west coast correspondent for gamezone.com is bloody brilliant

he has the most hilarious viddies ever. 

I die mid-roflcopter. every timeeeee.

He had the chance to interview, or err try to, some celebrities at the RAGE red carpet event 

 ^ ^ ^

check it out 

you can also view the viddy through: gamezone RAGE red carpet event 

 I was silly excited to see Clare Grant and Seth Green do a walkby yayyyy to fb friends!

photo credit to zimbio.com

His brief chat with Snoop Dogg wasn't too shabby either haha

photo credit to zimbio.com

hahahha love how random TRUEBLOOD cast members attended.

Trueblood is my guilty pleasure. Wait, no its not, I don't feel guilty watching it :D
photo credit to the vault, trueblood-online.com

I have been told I win best wife award.

Not gonna lie, I may have been secretly thinking of that award when I surprised my hubby with what.... 

.....only the best and most epic birfday cake evar

a Zelda Hyrulian Shield birthday cake!!

My friend Alan's girlfriend Pear makes the best and yummiest baked goods ever! 



(there was a brief description of her amazingness above but I decided to replace it with typed out wording describing what happened when we opened the cake box)

check her stuff out. she even has little starwars cupcakes.

Accompanied by some epic gifts 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

apologies of epic proportions

ohhh man...

I have not written a blog post on kittygeekblog in forever! 

I have been focusing on my photography, *clears throat* professional photography, over hereeee Paulina Splechta Photography as well as my all NEW boudoir (lingerie) photography over hereee ONNA Studio that I have totally forgotten to blog about my geeky life. 


I realize this makes me sound like a douche bag. 

but I am actually happy now, because 1) I don't have a compulsive obsessive need to punctuate the first letter of the first word of a sentence, and 2) because I'm totally giddy and excited about managing 3 different blogs. oh YAY!