Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wii Fit made her a sex addict, but we know better.

I laughed so hard when I found out a British chic was claiming that the Wii turned her into a sex addict. After reading the article, I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't still April fools.

Amanda Flowers, who works in catering and clearly must have had a sexually deprived life up until now, fell off a Wii Fit board and has developed something called persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Although this syndrome is apparently real, in America we'd just say that girl is really horny and there's no need to panic, the world is lacking in that anyway.

So it's no surprise that any time Amanda is around anything vibrating or pulsing, like a cell phone or blender, that she becomes aroused. I'm pretty sure there's a lot of women out there who wish Wii Fit would turn them into a sex addict, (hand me that wiimote). But we all know better, and since the release of the Wii Fit, girls around the world have been gaming in their panties.  Playboy even jumped on the bandwagon.

Amanda said to reporters: "With no cure I just have to try to control my passion by breathing deeply. Hopefully one day I'll find a superstud who can satisfy me." I can sure think of a few things to recommend to her, starting with www.adulttoys---

With that being said, can somebody please post a picture of this girl on the internet?

Zombie pierced skulls and love letters.

I can finally write that letter of resignation I have so been meaning to.

Jacques Pense, a guy who does creative advertising and design for Behance Network, developed some tasteful zombie stationary for 13th Street, an NBC-Universal owned crime and horror channel.

I personally love the staple and hole punch sheets. Makes for great love letter paper to help spice it up in the bedroom. Now somebody just needs to make vampire stationary for the never ending zombies vs. vampire battle.

You can check out more of Jacques Pense's cool stuff here:

Stationary Of Horror [behance]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Home for Hobbits

Ah, the world's tiniest home is now for sale for a mere £110,000. Um, that's about $154K. This little house is 7 feet wide and 47 feet long, making it one of the smallest homes in the world. Oh, wait, there are those huts in third world countries. At 312-square feet, this tiny home sits squished between 2 houses in Toronto, Canada, and because of my affinity for tiny things, I want to buy it for the heck of it.
It even has it's own website, putting it 1 step ahead of me.

Earthquakes taking over the world?

I feel like I hear about a new devastating earthquake every week. So I wanted to find out how many earthquakes there have been so far this month, and I was surprised to find out that just yesterday, there were 60 earthquakes worldwide, ranging from 2.5 to 6.9 on the Richter scale.

The U.S. Geology Survey, (USGS), says that earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have been constant over the years. They also believe that part of the reason for so many earthquakes is the improvement in their technology over the last 20 years. They are able to detect and locate more earthquakes with the current 8,000 worldwide seismograph stations rather than 350 stations back in 1931. USGS also mentions that nowadays, more people are interested in the natural disasters and because of today's technology, lets say, the internet, people are more informed. 

So my surprise to hear of the 60 earthquakes just yesterday, isn't so surprising after all. The National Earthquake information center now locates about 20,000 earthquakes annually or approximately 50 per day.

Although USGS assures us that according to their long-term records they expect about 17 major earthquakes (7.0 - 7.9) and one great earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given year, it doesn't sound very reassuring when you think about the major earthquakes hitting Haiti, Chile, Taiwan and Turkey in just two months this year.

Here's a picture of a map of global seismic activity as of this moment, on April 14th. Click the link to go to the interactive map and watch the earthquakes take over the world daily.

via [usgs]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Here is something familiar, anybody heard of the WePad?

I know, its not fair to knock down gadgets that you've never tried before. But when I heard that German company neofonie is developing the WePad, I had to smirk.

Without an actual demonstration, its unclear as to whether this new gadget will run comparably to the iPad, so I cannot be pessimistic yet. But WePad advertises using Android technology. Having first hand experience with Android on the G1 phone, I absolutely hate it. Its slow, not always responsive to your touch and not fluid at all. It freezes all the time. Having experienced such frustration with Android technology before makes me a little skeptical about it being used on other gadgets. But because the WePad is competiting with Apple's iPad, I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the two systems running on the WePad, (Android and Linux), will improve on past issues and be used in a smart way. After all, its not entirely fair to compare the Android's poor performance on a cell phone to a tablet.

At first glance, it seems like Neofonie isn't being very original with the WePad. It looks like they took the basic design of the iPad and put their version of the iPhone OS on it. It's like what Burger King did with McDonald's sausage egg McMuffin sandwich,"it's not that original, but it's only a buck."But the guys at WePad obviously didn't watch that commercial since the price of their base WePad, the 16GB, is 449 Euro, which is about $609 which makes it significantly more expensive than the $499 16 GB iPad.

So what are the differences?
First of all, WePad says they want you to enjoy the internet your way and says it won't tell you what you can buy and do because that, to WePad, is not freedom. They say using the Android software will give developers the freedom to create any app they dream of and any app that already exists for Android will also run on the WePad.

Physically, the first thing that will jump out at you is the size. The iPad has a 9.7-inch glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display. The WePad does the same thing at 11.6 inches. Here are some more comparisons from the WePad website.

So preordering starts in Germany on April 27, with mass ordering by August 2010. But who cares about that. If the WePad is limited to Germany, what is the point?

Recycled Keyboard Clutch

I'm all for recycling, and since chicks have to carry around so much stuff, (tricorderstreet fighter action keychainrobot chickie, the usual), why not carry it in a recycled, awesome clutch. This makes me want to rip my keyboard apart and make a keyboard bikini set. Hmmm...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Breast Expansion Madness

Apparently breast expansion videos are the new fetish. Anything involving boobs getting bigger, I am a fan. Yes, the water explosion is my favorite.

Embarrassing Moments: Tourists

Screw taking a picture of this historical building. This is much better, a bunch of people looking like idiots as they try to lean on the leaning tower of Pisa.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Star Wars Pinup Babes and Nekkid Twi'lek

There was a great point that was made, guys don't join fighting forces because of some hot pin up chicks, they do it for the pleasure of shooting lasers at people's faces. But when it comes to hot pin up chicks, who cares about lasers and fighting. Just enjoy (and thank Feng Zhu later).


Then somehow I ended up on a different blog, (must be A.D.D.), and found other star wars pix on geekologie  and thought, how is this porn? Well, it is porn, hentai porn anyway, if you follow the links to their origin NSFW star wars hentai

Here's a few pix of these scantly clad star wars babes by artist Miravi (click to enlarge)

Opps, nope, the rest of them you'll have to check out on their site. Too nsfw for my site :-)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Professional Gamers live in training villas in South Korea!

I saw this exclusive with Morgan Webb in South Korea as she checks out how serious the country is about gamers and instead of writing about it, here's the video, you can't miss out on this one, "professional gamers live in special training villas where coaches watch over each player and give strict critiques of their progress." Can we not have that here in the US???

EPIC 15,000 Piece Lego Replica!

For those of you who've seen or heard of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous "Fallingwater" house from 1934, you should immediately be able to recognize this. 
A reproduction of the Fallingwater house built from the ground up with legos. This is much cooler than the original. 

But don't confuse this with the original Legos Fallingwater house that has 811 pieces and is 10 inches wide. NO, that was way too small and meaningless.
This Fallingwater house is 45" by 30", includes 15,000 lego bricks and took 7 months to piece together. Thank you Matija Grguric, just a cool guy looking to build cool lego architecture. And now he wants to share his lego goodness with the world, so you can buy all sorts of lego shiznits from his online store. 

Here's a high resolution shot of the Fallingwater lego house. 

Lightsaber Finger Tattoos

Here is one hardcore chick you might be afraid to get down with. She's got lightsabers tattooed on her fingers!! Be weary of the handshake lest you fear not becoming fingerless!
The tattoo was done by Craig Driscoll, tattoo artist in San Diego. 

On a totally unrelated note, I like this circuit board tattoo also. It makes me happy to know we're all nerds on the inside.

Mega Man Sexyness for your Wardrobe

As much as I'd like to grow up and finally wear form fitting, lady like clothing, I simply can't part with my beloved hoodies. This awesome Mega Man hoodie design makes me pee my pants with joy.

Deviant artist Brendon Phillips, aka bmansnuggles, came up with this idea and according to a few sites, he's trying to get it mass produced. Great freaking brilliant idea and get on the bandwagon already, it's cold in my office.

Become a fan on fb and support this dude so I can get my sexy Mega Man on! FB megaman hoodie support group

Nintendo Boobie Pasties

For those of you who don't know what pasties are, refer to wiki. Most girls in America wear pasties to prevent the typical celebrity wardrobe malfunction that goes with wearing a revealing shirt. Most strippers in America wear them where nipples aren't lawful, because we all know how sacred the nipple is.

But in France, Lady Tornade (its no longer popular to have a real name in this world, i.e. gaga) who is a strip tease performer in Paris, makes sure her lady friends and fans are fully decked out with gamer pasties.

She has custom designs of hand-sewn sequin boobie clenchers for pacman and even Super Mushrooms from Mario.

I definitely give her props for the original idea and the fact that she's not only a dancer/model but also makes and sells her own jewelry and is a graphic designer. However, I will have to agree with the guy who commented on the boyish figure of the pasties' model. Why not advertise them on a slightly bigger breasted gal?

I'm gonna have to pass on this one, not just because I am free nipple activist, but also because of the ridiculous price tag on these puppies, a whopping $81. I'd rather put my money towards a roll of double sided tape and some printer paper.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Geek/Nerd/Dork/Dweeb Venn Diagram

Made by the lovely guys at this Geek/Nerd/Dork/Dweeb Venn Diagram helps to explain to nonbelievers where you fall and why. 

I'll always be a geek, but there is a nerd in me. What are you? 

ipad arcade schweetness

what a heart breaker. can't believe this one's a fake. that is the life-shattering reality of april fools.

If Chris Hardwick didn't make you get off your butt and get an ipad, the thought of something this sexy becoming reality one day just might!

Such a painful, heartless april fools $150 ipad dock at thinkGEEK.  For the person who actually one day makes one of these, I think I figured out my turn on!

the nerdist and his ipad

After long months of waiting for the ipad to finally be released, saving your money and finally asking yourself that probing question, should I spend $500 on it? If this picture of Chris Hardwick holding an ipad with his website ( in the background doesn't entice you to go out and buy one then nothing will!

Check out more behind the scenes chris & ipad:

cure for fatso gene!

Scientists have discovered that the teen "fatso gene" can be cured through *gasp* exercise.

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden identified a gene involved with obesity, and adults who have 2 copies of it, (1 in 6 people), weigh an average of 7 lb. more than people who don't. 
And what's been discovered is that an hour of daily exercise can help fight this disposition.

Did there really have to be a study?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bayonetta goes retro

Part of the April Fools jokes that surfaced yesterday was a short clip of a retro 8-bit side scroller version of Bayonetta. Although this was merely part of the assortment of awesome but fake games that are announced every year on April 1st, people are saying this would actually be a great idea if Platinum Games were to really do it. I agree, although the sex appeal that's conveyed in the original game is entirely gone here, the fun and entertainment portrayed in this 22 second clip is worth pursuing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pacman's visit to Saturn

A space probe sent to study Saturn exposed Pacman's last minute visit to the alien planet's moon.

The probe was measuring temperature differences across the object's surface and "produced a map that looks just like the 1980s Pac-Man video games icon," according to Scientists. 

Scientists are puzzled, (big surprise), questioning why the moon, would show such variations in temperature, explaining that perhaps some surface textures could retain heat better than others. The moon is 250 miles across and has a scar called the Herschel Crater which resembles the Death Star from Star Wars, yet another funny coincidence. 

Why can't eco-cars be sexy?

With the release of the latest electric car from Nissan, I can't help but wonder, why can't there be a good looking eco-friendly car? The newest addition to the green car market is the Nissan Leaf, coming in at $25,000. 

If you're going to dish out that much money shouldn't the car actually look somewhat decent? Who comes up with these unattractive, "you'll never get a date with that car" designs?

The Nissan Leaf just screams granny panties

And why does it seem like every eco-friendly car has a flat front like this Prius?

What was Honda thinking when  they came out with the Insight?

Toyota didn't really step up its game by releasing the Toyota Yaris, because while it may be environmentally friendly, it still looks like a big ball of fluff, in other words, not sexy.

I understand these cars have to be cheap and eco friendly at the same time, but that doesn't mean there should be less effort in designing a car that is visually pleasing.

World's First Futuristic Solar Powered City

The world's first eco-city is being built in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), just south of Iran, and is designed to be free of gasoline-powered cars, skyscrapers and entirely powered by the sun. The city will be called Masdar and will be a zero-carbon and zero-waste city.  

Masdar will be 2.5 square miles (compared to Beverly Hills, for example, which is 5.7 square miles) and entirely surrounded by a wall. It will be home to 50,000 people, 1,000 businesses and a university. The project is being funded by the current president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa with a budget of $22 mil.


According to the project manager, the quality of the air will be superior to any street in the world.


Because of the intense heat of the desert sun, Masdar will have to maintain low temperatures.

Masdar will be similar in structure to ancient Arab cities. Streets will be very narrow so that buildings can shade each other and the walls and roofs of buildings will be covered with mesh like screens to keep the sun out and the breeze in.

Although the city will have to use some electricity for gadgets, some air conditioning and desalinating sea water, that’s about it as far as electric use goes.
Most of the city will be areas for walking, but for those who prefer to drive there will be podcars. (Cool! Podracing in the desert! Well, probably not at such high speeds). These podcars are driverless and powered by solar electricity.

So if these cars are already being developed for the future residents of Masdar, can’t we get them in the US too? I’d rather play my DS than drive on my way to work. 

I personally want these cities to be built all around the world. I for one would definitely love to live in a city like that, would there be one in the US.

Pikachu takes kids to school in Japan

Schools in Japan came up with a brilliant way to combat children's fears of leaving home and going to school on their own for the first time, a happy Pikachu school bus! 

One school in Japan advertises, "Too sad to leave your mommy? Don’t worry. As soon as you see the big yellow Pikachu bus coming to pick you up, you will stop crying!" 

I actually still remember my first day of kindergarten, it was terrifying and I cried. As funny as these advertisements may be, standard yellow school buses can be intimidating when you're 6 years old. This would have definitely put a smile on my face as a kid. 

I think its safe to say this isn't just the greatest school bus in Japan, but in the world.