Thursday, March 25, 2010

Olivia Munn in Playboy 2010

Playboy shoots pictures of naked women. Well Olivia Munn is certainly a woman of Playboy, but she's definitely not naked.

When Olivia was approached by Playboy to do a photoshoot, she also became one of the few women ever to do a Playboy cover and pictorial without nudity. She is the gamers' Athena.

I even own the Maxim edition where Olivia appeared on the cover  She has a generous underboob in one of the pictures and it was the first time I saw her in a jacket without anything underneath.

And the last time she shot with Playboy, this picture is hotter than if she did it naked.

Although I was all for Sara Jean Underwood modeling nude for Playboy, I am glad that Olivia insists that a nude photoshoot will never happen. I appreciate her leaving some mystery to the gamer crowd. Its like that perfectly hot character in a game that you wish would have a nude sex scene but never does. This one's just real.

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