Monday, March 22, 2010

Curious if your neighborhood would be affected by a nuclear missle strike?

CarlosLabs, an Australia-based company dealing in data architecture and management, cooperated with Google Maps to come up with a new mashup of technologies and created "Nuke It!"

You simply input your location, for example, Los Angeles, CA, choose the missile of your choice, (including Little Boy and Fat Man, used in WW2 against Japan), and click "Nuke It!" Depending on the caliber of your chosen missile, various ranges of damage will be predicted on the Google Map location. I chose the "Tsar Bomba" considered as the largest man-made explosion yet and used as propaganda by the back then Soviet Union. I watched as the diameter of damage instantly populated the Google Maps application, with Los Angeles in the center, darkest, innermost circle representing total annihilation, and extending to Malibu on the northern coast and Huntington Beach in the south where it would cause first-degree skin burns. 
The Ground Zero sequel also includes pressure waves and fallout based on user-selected prevailing wind directions.

Check out to test it out on your home town, or not.

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