Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Haunted and Abandoned Pod City of San Zhi

This is officially the next best abandoned city after Chernobyl, (1986, Ukraine, severe nuclear plant explosion that sent radioactive fallout over an extensive geographical area.)

The city of San Zhi, (Sanjhih), Taiwan, was originally built as a luxury vacation retreat for the rich people of Taipei by the government.  Because the government hired architects for the site, they are all unnamed. During construction, there were numerous fatal accidents and according to rumors, this city is now haunted by those who died building it. 

The city was to consist entirely of circular, multi-colored pods stacked on top of one another. The concept behind the design was so that they could expand the buildings vertically as required, by adding more pods on top. But now that this city has been abandoned for a number of years, they are slowly completely rotting away.

Just add a million arthropod extraterrestrials and you've got a perfect set for District 9 Part 2.

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