About Kitty Geek

Why hello there 

I'm Paulina Splechta and I am a photographer with a twist of nerd and a spoon full of geek

I was born in Poland and I came to the states with my folks when I was too small to go on rollercoaster rides.

But hey, that's ok, cause I am terrified silly of rollercoaster, carnival rides, driving recklessly, oh and just about anything to do with going fast or high. planes. SO it's OK.

irony, there's a picture of me floating away with a bunch of balloons.

but I consider myself totally american. False. I consider myself totally weird and non-belonging to the regular crowd. love it.

Although I did not reveal it until now, I absolutely ADORE photography and being a creeper in general. 
My favorite subject to shoot (or snap) is anything geeky or feminine. 
It is all about women.  Women and nerds. I love inspiring people to geek out and be themselves, I love going to anime cons, playing various video games that do not prove me to be a real gamer but prove that I am obsessive about character customization!
I also love inspiring women to feel beautiful and sexy. My favorite, boudoir photography is about women recognizing their beauty and strength.

When I'm not daydreaming I'm silly and giddy and it brings out my nerdy side. There's nothing I enjoy more (apart from photography) than watching a BBC shows.

I'm a sucker for a british/irish/scottish accent!
This blog is my less serious representation of my lovely geeky life. Enjoy!