Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Star Wars Pinup Babes and Nekkid Twi'lek

There was a great point that was made, guys don't join fighting forces because of some hot pin up chicks, they do it for the pleasure of shooting lasers at people's faces. But when it comes to hot pin up chicks, who cares about lasers and fighting. Just enjoy (and thank Feng Zhu later).


Then somehow I ended up on a different blog, (must be A.D.D.), and found other star wars pix on geekologie  and thought, how is this porn? Well, it is porn, hentai porn anyway, if you follow the links to their origin NSFW star wars hentai

Here's a few pix of these scantly clad star wars babes by artist Miravi (click to enlarge)

Opps, nope, the rest of them you'll have to check out on their site. Too nsfw for my site :-)

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