Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RAGE Official Launch Party Red Carpet Event

this kid vito, west coast correspondent for gamezone.com is bloody brilliant

he has the most hilarious viddies ever. 

I die mid-roflcopter. every timeeeee.

He had the chance to interview, or err try to, some celebrities at the RAGE red carpet event 

 ^ ^ ^

check it out 

you can also view the viddy through: gamezone RAGE red carpet event 

 I was silly excited to see Clare Grant and Seth Green do a walkby yayyyy to fb friends!

photo credit to zimbio.com

His brief chat with Snoop Dogg wasn't too shabby either haha

photo credit to zimbio.com

hahahha love how random TRUEBLOOD cast members attended.

Trueblood is my guilty pleasure. Wait, no its not, I don't feel guilty watching it :D
photo credit to the vault, trueblood-online.com

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